Shanti Public Higher Secondary School
Affiliated to CBSE Board (Affiliation No. 1030914)
The Shanti Public Hr.Sec.School Assessment Model
The purpose of assessment at Shanti Public Hr.Sec. School has been defined. 
         The purpose of assessment is not -                          The purpose of assessment is -
  • To make children study under threat.
  • To mark children as slow learners or bright students or problem children.
  • To place the onus for learning solely.
  • To identify children who need remediation.
  • To diagnose learning disabilities. (because that needs special tools and training)
  • To acquire credible feedback (stresses on the preparedness of a teacher even before the course of teaching begun.)
  • To improve the teaching/learning process/material.
  • To review the objectives that have been identified by the school.
  • To gauge the extent to which the capabilities of learners have been developed.

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