Shanti Public Higher Secondary School
Affiliated to CBSE Board (Affiliation No. 1030914)
Code of Conduct for the students
  1.  All the students must reach the school campus ten minutes before their scheduled time (as applicable). School gates will be closed for late comers. 
  2. Students should attend the Morning prayer regularly, important announcements are made in the morning assembly.
  3. Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory for all students to appear in Internal & Annual Exams. If any student has less than 75% attendance in school during whole session then he/she will not be allowed to sit in the Annual Examination.
  4. If a student wants to take leave(s) he/she will have to submit a written application before it.
  5. Children are not allowed to wear ornaments or bring any valuables and electronic devices like mobiles etc. to the school. Student can wear analog wrist watch only. Money should neither be lent nor borrowed, nor articles exchanged. School will not be responsible in case of their loss. 
  6.  Students are expected to behave well at all times both inside and outside the school. Shouting or running in the school building, or throwing objects at one another is strictly prohibited.
  7.  If any student is found involved in cheating or using any unfair means during the process of assessment, he/she will be given Zero mark. Even the students can be dismissed and will not be allowed to write the rest of the paper. 
  8.  It is compulsory for all the students to come in neat and clean prescribed school / house uniform. The shoes should be well polished. Students, who are without school shoes, will not be allowed in the campus under any circumstances.
  9.  Care must be taken of the school property. Students must not scratch or spoil the furniture, write on the walls or in any way damage which is provided for their use. Willful damage of property will lead to dismissal. 
  10. Follow the neatness and cleanliness whether it is school uniform, school furniture, class room, desk, ground or toilets. Do not throw waste things here and there except for dustbins.
  11. Students should greet and give respect to the teachers, other staff members, parents and visitors in the school.
  12. Students must never stay back in the school when not required by teachers or without the knowledge of parents.
  13. Students must not come to the school on any other self driven vehicle except for a bicycle. Bicycles are allowed only from classes 6th to 12th.
  14. Students have to switch off the lights and fans before leaving the class room.
  15. Student conduct should be graceful. Talk politely with grace to everyone.
  16. Be friendly, helpful and co-operate with fellow students and be kind to juniors.
  17. Maintain pindrop silence in the Assembly, Class Room, Library, Labs and Corridors of the school.
  18. Jewellery / Mehandi / Tatoos / Long nails or nail polish and use of cosmetics is strictly prohibited in the school.
  19. No fancy hair style for Boys and Girls will be allowed in school. All the boys will keep short and tidy oiled hairs and all the girls with long hairs will keep their hairs properly pleated and tied with white ribbon and the short haired girls will use a white hair band.
  20. Carry your tiffin and water bottle in the morning. Do not spoil the discipline of the school by getting your lunch during break.

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