Shanti Public Higher Secondary School
Affiliated to CBSE Board (Affiliation No. 1030914)

Digital Education

Nowadays we have come across the fact that in the process of teaching, visuals play a very important role in order to clarify the basics of the students from the root in digital format which is easy to comprehend. Therefore, Shanti Public Higher Secondary School provides its students visual education in every class room which is a new revolution in the field of teaching.

English Language Lab

The school has exclusively designed English lab for students in order to provide new insights about English language, which ensures correct pronunciations, improved reading skills, excellent comprehending skills, upgraded dynamics of vocabulary and many more. English lab guarantees the swift enrichment of English in student’s personality. It also intensifies the confidence of students to speak English and developing alluring personality.


Whole campus is under the vigilance of CCTV cameras and also equipped with speakers.

Pure and Cool Water

Water purifying systems and water coolers are provided in the school so that students can have pure and cool water for drinking.


In our school, we have a playground with dedicated sections for athletics as well as other field games. Student's safety is our priority and our playground is designed in such a way that the risk of serious injury is totally eliminated.

Student's Counselor

In our school, counseling is designed to facilitate student's achievement, improve student's behavior and attendance and help students to develop socially. Our counselor mentors students who experience personal or academic challenges and intervene when students face behavioral, physical or mental health challenges. 


The school library is provided for students to improve their language skills, increase their awareness of current affairs and discover as well as explore new ideas beyond the classroom. Parents are requested to encourage their children to make regular use of this facility and guide them to develop an interest.

Computer Education

Keeping up with the recent boom in the information technology the school offers computer science as a part of the curriculum right from class I to X. The computer faculty is competent enough to meet the growing demands in the areas of system of software. We have a very well equipped computer lab.


Education imparted in the recent times has the responsibility to provide scientific knowledge along with professional practices.
We have well equipped labs for conducting practicals of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Maths. We provide controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments and measurements can be performed.

Music Room 

Our music room maintains highly sophisticated and continuously upgraded facilities. We have all the basic music instruments in our music room. It serves as an unsurpassed facility for mastering classical and contemporary music.

Art & Craft Room

The school has a separate ‘Art & Craft room’ where creativity of students is nurtured with necessary equipments to sensitize their aesthetic qualities.

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